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About Eastern Petroleum Corporation


Eastern Petroleum Corporation is dedicated to providing quality products and services to our customers.

Products and Services

Eastern Petroleum Corporation distributes quality energy products for Exxon and Shell Oil while offering amazing customer service to patrons of EP Mart, a convenience store chain operated exclusively by Eastern Petroleum Corporation.

Eastern Petroleum Corporation employs 140 people, 78,000 gallons of natural gas storage capacity, and 150,000 gallons of gasoline storage capacity to ensure reliable, affordable delivery of energy products to a growing customer base.

With a 78,000 gallon storage capacity for propane, and 150,000 gallon storage for gasoline and diesel fuel, Eastern Petroleum Corporation Corporation takes pride in delivering a variety of fuels to a large variety of customers.

Eastern Petroleum Corporation is an independent Franchisee of Pacific Pride: the Commercial Fueling System.


The company was founded by L. W. Locke in 1956. With a B.S. degree in agricultural engineering and an eye for private enterprise, Mr. Locke began what is now known as Eastern Petroleum Corporation Corp in a room at the rear of a service station.

Eastern Petroleum Corporation is a distributor for Exxon and Shell products. It operates the EP Mart convenience store chain and distributes gasoline and propane products and services. Employing over 140 employees we strive to give great customer service, offer clean restrooms, and well lighted stores.


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